We are committed to helping clients with family-related issues who are in need of legal advice. As children of divorce ourselves, we understand how complicated and emotional these matters can be, and we approach them with empathy and compassion.

We also promote amicable, peaceful resolutions whenever possible, without the need for litigation, by drafting settlement proposals, negotiating in settlement conferences, or assisting clients through the mediation process.

For all new family law clients, we offer a free phone consultation. This allows us to determine how we can be of service to you and gives us an opportunity to explain what costs and fees will be involved.

We represent clients in family law matters including:

• Adoption
• Divorce and Legal Separation
• Custody
• Parenting Time
• Child Support
• College Expenses
• Paternity
• Prenuptial Agreements
• Post-divorce Decree Modifications and Enforcement
• Emancipation/Termination of Child Support
• Domestic Partnership Agreements and Disputes
• Spousal Maintenance
• Relocations
• Guardianships / Third Party Custody

We are extremely pleased to offer Family Law Mediation services.  Please click here to learn more about those services and how your family can benefit from mediation.