Pay Your Invoice with LawPay

We provide our clients with multiple payment options, letting you pick what option works best for you:

Retainer: Clients who decide to pay a retainer deposit money into a trust account. Those funds will be used for their legal fees and other costs, such as court filing fees. If the case ends and money remains in the trust account, the client receives a refund. The amount of the retainer is not a prediction of the total cost of the case.

Monthly Basis: Clients who elect to pay each invoice on a monthly basis can do so by placing a credit card on file and authorizing us to charge the monthly amount of each invoice. This provides flexibility for clients who do not want to pay a retainer at the start, or want to shift to paying on a monthly basis.

Third Party Payment: In some instances, clients will have a family member or friend assist them with their legal fees. If someone other than the client will be responsible for paying legal fees, the family member or friend can decide to either pay a retainer or be charged on a monthly basis.