Appeals follow an unfavorable ruling by a trial court.  The appeal process allows one or more of the parties to challenge a judge’s decision or jury’s decision, if they believe that decision was wrong under the law.

An appeal is not a “do over”, but rather an opportunity for a panel of three judges to review the evidence presented at trial, and determine if an error was made by the trial court.

If you have a reason to appeal, we can guide you through this complex process, presenting your decision clearly and persuasively to the appellate courts.

Sometimes those errors are procedural.  Other times, there is a lack of evidence to support the court’s decision, or a misinterpretation of the law.  There are even occasions where the law is unclear, and an appeal is necessary in order for the courts to correctly apply a law.

We have handled appeals before the Indiana Court of Appeals and even on transfer to the Indiana Supreme Court.  Whether it’s a civil matter or criminal one, we can review your file and advise you on whether you should appeal your case to a higher court.

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