We are fiercely committed to helping clients with family-related issues who are in need of legal advice. We understand how complicated and emotional these matters can be, and we work to guide you through the process with empathy and compassion.
For all new family law clients, we offer a free phone consultation.  We want to know your story – this allows us to determine how we can be of service to you and gives us an opportunity to explain what costs and fees will be involved. We take the time to explain how the divorce process works in Indiana, and answer questions about your particular situation.
We represent clients in both divorce and legal separation, and have extensive experience with dividing assets and debts, spousal maintenance, custody, child support, and parenting time schedules.  Call our office at (317) 943-3980 to talk to one of our attorneys today and find out how we can help you.
We also offer family law and divorce mediation.  Click here to learn more about how mediation can save you time and money.
Divorce Consultations